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Five Effects, 21 Pages & Fully illustrated
You have the ability to tell participants playing cards which they believe they are merely thinking of. Nothing has been wrote down, nothing is said and this is as strong for your participants as it is for your audience
Stratagem isn't a guess of a playing card, you know with 100% accuracy which card a particiant is thinking of. This is the closest thing to mind reading that I perform with playing cards.
With Stratagem there is :
  • No guess work
  • No questions
  • No dual reality
  • No mathematics
...this is powerful magic. 
Invisible 52:
The magician places a Joker prediction card face up. Now, any card is selected face up by your participant which is then placed face up on the table. Your Joker prediction is turned over and on the back is the name of the selected card. Then, the selected card is turned over to reveal it is the only red card in a blue backed deck. Finally, the joker prediction is turned back over and it has magically changed into the named card.
The magician deals andyour participant has the ability to call stop on the correct prediction. Or have a participant name a card, and then call stop on the very card as the magician deals.
Amnesia Card Trick
This is fun, your participant believes he's loosing his marbles as you cause him to forget where he just placed his signed card. Concludes with a finale kicker.
Stop it
A playing card is freely selected and lost in the deck. The cards are then individually lifted in to a wine glass with the backs facing the audience. The participant is asked to call stop when ever he chooses, amazingly he stops on his selected card.
"I enjoyed reading Stratagem. There's some good material in this book which I look forward to using." - Marc Oberon.