Holy Moly (With DVD) by Jay Sankey

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This is one of Jay's all-time favorite routines! The holes on two ordinary metal washers vanish, appear, and multiply in the spectator's own hand! At the end of the effect, both washers may be closely examined! An ingenious combination of easy sleight-of-hand and very clever thinking!

Includes a set of four specially machined metal washers, illustrated instructions, and an instructional DVD featuring Jay's "Super Simple Handling," plus his more sophisticated, "Six Magic Moments" routine as well as ADDED INFORMATION and NEW BONUS HANDLINGS!

"The response is awesome. This one packs really light and plays REALLY big!"
- David B.

"This is a GREAT trick. It's visual, good for beginners and even for those more experienced. It's portable. I LOVE this trick!!!"
-Robert B.

"This trick is so cool!!! It gets huge reactions."
-Marin V.

Washer Diameter 1 3/16" (3cm)