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Ideal for professional mentalists, magicians and hobbyists.

Calibrate is more than a star sign reveal, Calibrate is a principle which can be applied to many different themes.

Imagine a star sign reveal without a long drawn out process. Where the participant never writes, names or shares their star sign with anyone, yet somehow you can still reveal it with accuracy.

Your participant is left equally amazed as your spectators.
When you perform Calibrate, there are no suspicious props.

Calibrate includes two solid routines with a flexible principle which can be applied to star signs, colours, months, the principle is limited to your imagination.

Calibrate also includes a secondary principle, Strike Two.


A participant draws an image and the performer not only identifies the image but also his participants star sign.

A participant imagines a person with an object, the magician not only divines the person and the object but also his participants star sign.

Strike Two : This is a bonus principle which will help you reveal you participants star sign.

Calibrate is a real time star sign reveal and is ideal for walkabout and stage performers.