About Us

Warped magic is one of the UK's leading online retailers of magic and we ship items worldwide as well as all over the UK on a daily basis. We have a vast range of all the latest magic tricks, magic DVD's, magic books, playing cards, street magic, close-up magic, cabaret magic and accessories. We have something for everyone whether your a full time professional or a keen amateur magician. 

Unlike many other online magic shops we don't just stock every new item that comes out. We try and only stock items that we believe are the best of the latest products.

Whilst selling magic products is all well and good we wanted to make sure that everything we sell here at Warped Magic is fit for purpose and reaches a certain level of quality. You will notice on some products that there is an approved banner. On products where this banner is visible it means one or more of our team have tried and understood the trick as well as performed it in front of a live audience and gauged their reaction.  

Our aim is to make sure that every trick on our site is approved but as ever it all comes down to time, so please keep an eye out for new 'Approved Products'

Warped magic is owned and run by Darren Robinson, who is a full time professional magician with over 18 years experience in performing and retailing magic. Please feel free to call or email with any questions you may have.


Darren Robinson
Warped Magic