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Iain Moran, John Carey -

Handle with Carey is John's Carey's first DVD with RSVP Magic. It contains 11 routines, most of which are fairly simple to do. John has an incredible knack of stripping down an effect, replacing sleights with a subtlety or two, without sacrificing any of the effect. In order words, minimum effort, maximum impact! Another bonus about John's card material is that most of it uses an ordinary shuffled deck. Having said the above about John's card work, the DVD features a couple of coin routines, including the brilliant Triple Inpursenation. This is a triple Spellbound with a coins to purse...

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Garrett Thomas, Iain Moran, Stand Up Monte -

There's quite a few "Monte" routines on the market and I've tried most of them. The one I keep coming back to however, is Garrett Thomas' Stand Up Monte. While admittedly the routine takes a bit of rehearsal it is well worth the work. It is not technically difficult, but you'll need to go through it quite a lot to remember the sequence. You don't need a table to perform this, there is no reset and a lot of magic happens in a short space of time. 

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Chad Long, Iain Moran -

Chad Long's Now Look Here has been around for a while, but has recently been re-released complete with the cards and a DVD. It's great to see Chad perform this several times for a live audience and then settle down for a complete explanation.   Two versions are taught: Chad's original handling and also Scotty York's variation. As a bonus, Chad explains David Williamson's Top Change and Daryl's Convincing Tilt. It's a very commercial effect, not difficult to do and is probably unlike any other routine you already do! If you like this plot, I highly recommend Gary Jones' Kickback...

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