Iain Moran, John Carey -

Handle with Carey by John Carey DVD

Handle with Carey is John's Carey's first DVD with RSVP Magic. It contains 11 routines, most of which are fairly simple to do.

John has an incredible knack of stripping down an effect, replacing sleights with a subtlety or two, without sacrificing any of the effect. In order words, minimum effort, maximum impact! Another bonus about John's card material is that most of it uses an ordinary shuffled deck.

Having said the above about John's card work, the DVD features a couple of coin routines, including the brilliant Triple Inpursenation. This is a triple Spellbound with a coins to purse finish. Not difficult either!

Other highlights for me were: Counting on You, Gemini Detector, 3 Chances and Searching for a Sandwich.

I'd be very surprised if anyone didn't find several routines they'd like to use from this DVD.